60 Hope Street looking forward to #RumDay

Today is National Rum Day and revellers and connoisseurs across the city have been enjoying their favourite tipple. Bar owners and restauranteurs will have also been delighted to showcase the versatile nature of the spirit in a variety of cocktails.

60 Hope Street executive chef and co-owner Gary Manning looks forward to the restaurant and lounge bar’s appointment with #RumDay every year and cites it as one of his favourite days in the calendar.

The well travelled pioneer of the Liverpool restaurant scene, who also founded pan-Asian favourite Host and Aussie milk bar-inspired The Quarter, said:

“Rum brings to mind everywhere from the Caribbean to Milan. Not only is it a very diverse drink in terms of the cultures it is taken from globally, it’s also a very versatile one which bartenders love.
“We already have rum events on our agenda for future supper clubs and it’s always been a popular drink here throughout the year come rain or shine.
“I like the Mount Gay and Doorly’s brands and my favourite cocktail is the Creole Crusta which is also one of our most popular at £9.50.”


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