£920,000 investment for Liverpool markets

Almost 800 people respond to public consultation on Liverpool markets and the city council is to spend £920,000 implementing the suggestions. Tony McDonough reports

Liverpool City Council’s onsultation on local markets saw almost 800 responses


Liverpool markets are to see a £920,000 following a consultation exercise carried out by the city council.

Members of the public were asked ‘why they do or don’t visit markets’. Traders were also consulted. The council was seeking suggestions for improvements for the city’s 10 markets and farmers’ markets.

Almost 800 people responded to the process. Suggestions included people wanting bigger markets, as well as more diverse, sustainable and local products. There were also calls for improved parking and safety, better signage and the need for more advertising.

This feedback has been used as the foundation for the Future of Markets action plan. It outlines what can be realistically delivered in the near future. A report to the city council cabinet on Friday, July 22, will be asked to approve £920,000 to secure a number of ‘quick wins’. These include:

  • Promote the different market locations.
  • Deliver a maintenance plan for 10 sites “to get the basics right” – toilets, parking, utilities, access and signage.
  • Create an online expression of interest form, to attract new traders and opportunities.
  • Implement digital payment system on site to make it easier for customers to pay for goods.
  • Establish a steering group of council representatives, traders and members of the community.

These initiatives will all be delivered over a two-year period. A ‘big ideas’ element is also included in the action plan. This gives specific attention to Great Homer Street Market to explore all options to enhance the offer at this site. There will be a focus on applying for external funding to invest in the market.

A new role will be created in the council’s city development team to project manage and implement all of the recommendations.

The markets consultation related to St Johns (city centre); Great Homer Street (Everton); Liverpool Food Hub (Electric Avenue); Tuebrook Market; Monument Place (London Road); Garston; Farmers’ markets at University Square; Woolton; Allerton and Lark Lane.

The consultation was carried out by Savills. The report notes that the quick wins will be carried out on St Johns Market after the resolution of the current rent review mediation.

Liverpool’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Visitor Economy, Councillor Harry Doyle, said: “I’m a big fan of our markets. They have fantastic, untapped potential which is exactly why we launched this consultation.

“It was all about kickstarting a thorough conversation about what already works well and what needs to change. From the outset we made it clear that we wanted input from those people who know best – the traders themselves – and the residents.

“It was also vital to hear from people who don’t use the service and understand what the barriers are to them making the most of the offer.”

To see the full report and the consultation results click here.

Graeme Tuthill, chair of Great Homer Street market traders, added: “The traders appreciated being involved in the consultation process. The meetings we had were positive about the future of the markets.

“It’s great to see that our feedback seems to have been taken on board and there is going to be much-needed financial investment. I look forward to seeing how the action plan develops.”

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