Abbey Logistics secures deal to shift recycled plastics

Using its bag-to-bulk facility in Wirral, Abbey Logistics will store and distribute recycled plastic flakes for Viridor, the UK’s biggest recycling company. Tony McDonough reports

Abbey Logistic
Abbey Logistics’ bag-to-bulk facility in Wirral


Bulk logistics specialist Abbey Logistics has secured a recycled polymer and materials handling contract from Viridor, the UK’s biggest recycling company.

Abbey, which which has its main distribution depots in Liverpool and Wirral, will work with Viridor through its bag-to-bulk facility in Wirral, where Abbey takes delivery and provides storage of recycled plastic flakes in one tonne bags.

The flakes are then decanted into bag in box shipping containers for onward distribution to Viridor’s customers throughout the UK and Europe.

Working in partnership with more than 150 local authority and major corporate clients across the UK, Viridor has the UK’s largest network of 300-plus advanced recycling, energy recovery and landfill diversion facilities. These sites specialise in supporting manufacturers to reduce their reliance on virgin plastic and are some of the most sophisticated plastic recycling and reprocessing plants in the country.

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Abbey will be handling recycled polymers from Viridor’s Polymer Reprocessing Facility in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, which processes plastic bottles, segregating and processing the material further to produce deodorised HDPE compounds and Clear PET flakes.

The high quality of these recycled polymer grades can be directly substituted for virgin material in the manufacturing of many new plastic products and packaging. This significantly reduces waste to landfill and the environmental impact of waste processing and manufacturing from virgin plastic.

Mike Ellis, Abbey Logistics’ business development director said: “Since opening in 2018, our bag to bulk facility has attracted customers from across the polymers sector thanks to being close to the Port of Liverpool Port, our storage space and our UK wide bulk tanker transport network.

“Customers are using us as a one stop shop for reformatting and transport to reduce costs and complexity in their supply chains. We are delighted Viridor has chosen to partner with Abbey Logistics on this important contract and we look forward to supporting them and their customers throughout the country.”

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