Adopted Liverpudlian ‘pays it forward’ with £325,000

Irishman Sean O’Neill came to Liverpool more than two decades ago and has built up a large property portfolio – now he wants to help create a new generation of entrepreneurs with a £325,000 pot. Tony McDonough reports

Sean O’Neill
Liverpool-based entrepreneur Sean O’Neill with his mum Rose


A successful entrepreneur from Northern Ireland who made Liverpool his home more than two decades ago now wants to help nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Sean O’Neill grew up on a farm in a rural area of Northern Ireland. Since arriving in Liverpool he has built up a large property portfolio and invested in more than 30 businesses across the city.

Now he wants to “pay it forward” by setting up a new network, comprising four pillars, that aims to support and nurture fledgling entrepreneurs in Liverpool.

MSO Club will bring entrepreneurs together to share knowledge, contacts, and resources. The first meeting has already taken place at San Carlo in Liverpool centre. MSO Events will offer a series of events that will seek to “educate and inform”.

MSO Foundation aims to “empower and support” Liverpool-based individuals, groups and community-focused initiatives by providing financial support, educational resources, and mentorship opportunities using a £75,000 pot.

MSO Invest has set aside £250,000 to offer funding support to entrepreneurs and fledgling ventures across the city.

Sean was initially reluctant to go public on the campaign but now wants to spread the word and raise awareness of the available support.

“I’m quite happy to remain relatively low profile, continuing to build my business portfolio further whilst helping others establish and build theirs too,” he explained.

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“However, I am also good at taking advice from my team who are better than me at making marketing decisions and that’s how the brand was born.

“After all, having a dedicated brand when I started in business has enabled me to understand how I find my business partners and the conversions and processes involved in creating some really successful brands over the last 20 years.

“I want to meet more people and share my knowledge, team, and process to help other people become successful entrepreneurs and make new friends along the way.”

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