Open Messenger gets set for Liverpool launch

A new digital advertising company is marking an exciting time in its development, as it rolls out across the UK and gets set to come rolling into Liverpool this month.

Open Messenger is a smart advertising platform that harnesses the visibility and mileage of Hackney taxis, allowing advertisers to tailor their promotional messages to real-time conditions such as weather, location and time, generating content that is directly relevant to the consumer.

By utilising dual-sided LCD screens mounted on top of Hackney cabs, Open Messenger delivers unique, high-impact advertising with the potential for significant ROI for consumer brands.

The new service, the first outside of London, has been accepted by councils in Liverpool, Salford, Cardiff, Sheffield and Southampton, with another five applications pending approval across the country.

The development of Open Messenger began three years ago and has been financed by a six-figure-investment, with additional revenue coming from venture capitalists for research, development and roll-out.

Michael Smith, Director of Open Messenger, said:

“The launch of this platform will benefit media buyers and advertisers alike, giving them access to thousands of consumers on a daily basis. We’ve seen this advertising medium work exceptionally well in London – it’s now time to unveil it to the rest of the UK!

“We’ve already been approached by a number of household names, all of which are looking to take advantage of this new outdoor medium. Open Messenger is working closely with these consumer-facing brands to develop stand-out campaigns that make the most of the design functions we’ve included as standard.

“Our well-tested software, provided by Broadsign LLC, interacts with 4G data and cloud-based content to broadcast interactive messages wherever they are needed. The LCD screens could also be utilised by emergency services to provide the public with safety announcements.”

Within each Open Messenger cab, passengers can access a free Wi-Fi service and recharge a mobile device or tablet from the vehicle’s complimentary facilities.

Hackney cab drivers operating an Open Messenger vehicle will also be incentivised with a supplementary income for carrying this digital platform.

Open Messenger pulls up in Liverpool on Saturday, April 25, with 50 taxis arriving in the city by the end of the year. Further cities to follow suit later this summer.

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