An egg-cellent way to reduce stress?

Sitting in a egg-shaped capsule while being bathed in sound and light can reduce stress and aid healing, according to a new Liverpool business. Tony McDonough reports

Harmonic Egg
Marie Friend says the Harmonic Egg can reduce stress


Liverpool entrepreneur Marie Friend has invested in an egg-shaped capsule which she claims can help reduce stress and support healing.

Sessions in the Harmonic Egg can, it is claimed, bring calm to the body’s ‘sympathetic nervous system’. This control’s our involuntary response to dangerous or stressful situations – often called the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism.

Often people in high anxiety can see their fight or flight mechanism triggered, even though they are not in any immediate danger. This is thought to place people at higher risk of stress-related illness.

Marie launched her business, Harmonic Egg Healing, earlier this year and claims she has already achieved success with the treatment, which utilises frequencies of sound and light she says can affect the body at a cellular level.

It is a non-invasive therapy. People site on a chair inside the dodecahedron-shaped egg containing that sits on a hexagon platform. They are then bathed in light and sound

She explained: “The Harmonic Egg is the only one of its kind in the UK and essentially is an energy-based therapy focused on frequencies. It was Einstein who famously said that ‘frequency is the medicine of the future’ and there have been multiple studies capturing how frequencies of sound and light successfully effect the body at a cellular level.”

Marie refers to Dr Joe Dispenza, a global neuroscientist with training in neurology, brain function, chemistry and cellular biology, to back up her claim that the Harmonic Egg offers a real therapeutic benefit.

“Deep states of relaxation, meditative states induced with sound and light slow down the brain waves achieving coherence to impact the body,” she adds.

“Crucially, we’re getting success because the Harmonic Egg works well alongside conventional healthcare. As a result, people are changing their perspective on disease, both physical and mental.”

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