Angela’s fourth book aims to inspire children

Based in Liverpool, entrepreneur and author Angela Preston, is an established life coach and has published her fourth book to help children build self-esteem and confidence. Tony McDonough reports

Angela Preston
Liverpool entrepreneur and author Angela Preston


Liverpool entrepreneur Angela Preston has seen her fourth book published – written to help children build self-esteem and confidence.

Angela Preston is a writer, Tedx/keynote speaker and coach. She is the founder and chief executive of AP Coaching and Mentoring Services, a company she set up in Liverpool in 2015. This was followed by the AP Coaching and Mentoring Academy CIC in 2019.

She became an entrepreneur and writer after working in the corporate sector for 20 years. 

Her first book, Opening Doors, was an account of her growing up in Liverpool in the 1970s and 80s. And her second publication, The Keys to Success in Business, outlined the 10 keys she used to achieve success and the strategies she put in place.

In December 2017, Angela’s third book, Ronnie the Rabbit’s Adventure, Was written to help children come to terms with bereavement. Now her fourth publication, A Book For Little People, she demonstrates how children can learn new skills from a very young age that will gives them the confidence to keep learning and growing as they go through life.

She told LBN: “After working within school environments supporting children to develop the skills they need to grow into confident adults, I was looking to create a story they could relate to.

“I soon realised animals have a magical way of keeping young minds not only entertained but also engaged. These eight friends in the book will take the children on a journey of discovery to develop their own imagination, self-belief and confidence, giving them the power to be like them.

“They will take them through the stages to help the children discover the hero within, encouraging them to be great at being them.

“Ari, Lily, Henry, Stanley, Dotti, Hazel, Charlie and Donnie are all friends and come from all different families, they are here to guide the children through rhyme and pictures to learn how to love themselves, believe in themselves and have the courage to follow their dreams, at the same time help their friends to do the same.”

The inspiration for the book came from the birth of Angela’s first grandson, Maxwell. She watched him learn from an app on her phone and that gave her the idea for the book to support children with their growth.

Angela runs regular workshops, talks and seminars. She shares her expertise with her audience by “empowering them to always search for the hero within and to step out of their comfort zone”.

She helps her clients achieve their end goals at the end of her signature 10-week Accredited Course, Opening The Doors To Your Future Programme. Through her company, and with the help of a project manager and two coaches, Rose Devereux and Eddie Doyle, she develops programmes for both children and adults to help them believe in themselves, build their confidence to follow their dreams.

She is currently studying Creative Writing and Politics at  Liverpool Hope University and believes learning is lifelong and to “always be the student in the room”.

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