The Beatles Story marks 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper’s album with new exhibits

Central to the celebrations is a full set of Sgt. Pepper’s suits made by Noel Howard, one of the team who designed the original suits in 1967 which adorned the cover of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Andrew Wright reports.

The Beatles Story has unveiled its newest exhibits to mark 50 years since the’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album was recorded.

Top of the bill is a full set of Sgt. Pepper’s suits.

As the originals were kept by the individual estates of the fab four, they have never all been on show together since, making this the only authentic set of the suits available for the public to see.

Noel Howard made the replicas in 2000, using the exact measurements, materials and accessories as were used for the originals.

Another major new addition to the Sgt. Pepper’s room at The Beatles Story is an alternative print of the album cover.

Sir Peter Blake shot alternative covers to the album, which were discarded in favour of the famous one.

The alternative uses the familiar collage backdrop to the original, but makes some small alterations including the positions of each Beatle.

Next to the suits is a limited edition reproduction of the poster which inspired ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!’

The original poster was bought by John Lennon from an antiques shop, before he hung it in his music room in Weybridge.

The items are the first in a series of memorabilia additions planned by the Liverpool attraction to mark the 50th anniversary of the album’s release, and tie in with the wider ’50 Summers of Love’ programme taking place across the city.

They have been on show to the public since February 1, which marked 50 years since the day the band started recording the title track for the album.

Martin King, of The Beatles Story, said: “These suits, which are the closest thing anyone will see to the original set, were one of the key items on our wish-list to mark this momentous anniversary and the sheer level of detail and craftsmanship is astonishing.”


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