Beatles street names send house prices soaring

If you live in one of the Liverpool streets named after The Beatles the effect on the value of your home could be Fab, according to a new study. Tony McDonough reports

The Beatles
There are our streets in Kensington in Liverpool names after The Beatles


People living in houses in Liverpool in streets named after The Beatles are seeing the value of their homes inflated by up to £28,000, a new study shows.

There are four streets in the Kensington district of Liverpool named after the Fab Four. They are John Lennon Drive, Paul McCartney Way, George Harrison Close and Ringo Starr Drive.

And, according to price comparison site, homes in those four streets are worth an average of 12% more than those in the surrounding streets with less illustrious names. The average difference is £13,000 but some are worth up to £28,000 more.

But not all The Beatles are equal, the study adds. It seems the most valuable place to live in is George Harrison Close, where house vales are 26% above the average for the area. A home in Paul McCartney Way is 12.44% higher, the figure is 7.05% for John Lennon Drive. However, for Ringo Starr Drive the uplift is just 3%.

People living in a street named after other famous people are actually seeing a decrease in the value of their homes, the survey also shows. In William Shakespeare Place in Worcester, a house could be worth almost £179,721 less than others close by. In Falstaff Drive or Elgar Crescent, that’s a 34.9% price reduction.

Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens and Matt Busby all saw a drop, but none as big as triple jump champion and Olympic athlete Keith Connor. Houses on his street are 60% less than those surrounding, the largest decrease of the whole study.

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