Beth’s breast care brand care brand takes social media by storm

An entrepreneur from Maghull has gone viral on TikTok after launching her own online breast care brand. Tony McDonough reports.

27 year-old Beth from Maghull launched her brand Boosted in 2022


27-year old Bethany Wainwright is the brains behind Boosted – a high quality, supportive and inclusive boob tape and accessories brand.

Beth, who studied fashion promotion and describes herself as a ‘bigger busted girl’ first had the idea for Boosted having found the existing market limited.

Despite the breast care market representing big business, Australian sisters Bianca and Bridgett Roccisano became multimillionaires within a year of launching their brand Booby Tape in 2020, Beth says she’d spent years being disappointed by comparable products on the market.

In August last year she had a prototype made at a local factory and quickly realised she may have solved her own problem, by creating the quality product she says she’d always struggled to find.

Beth explained: “As a bigger busted girl myself, I’ve always struggled when wearing certain outfits as most of the time I needed a bra for support. Boob tapes I’ve tried in the past just didn’t work at all. I also found it hard to find places that sold it where you could buy the tape last minute.”

Encouraged by her friends, and with a £500 loan from her nana, Beth ordered 80 more rolls. She sold out within two hours.

Beth had 200 more rolls made, in four shades to suit women of all shapes, sizes, and body-types. She launched them on TikTok Shop – a relatively new avenue for selling products online.

They sold out in a week and demand for the Boosted product line has since grown significantly. Beth is now taking more than 100 orders a day and is shipping internationally.

Based on feedback from her customers, Beth has also introduced two new shades to her range and expanded her product line to include Boosted tape removal and Boosted body oil.

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Beth said: “At the time when I was starting Boosted I was a TikTok creator and a freelance marketing manager and TikTok Shop really intrigued me.

“Not many brands were using it and TikTok was throwing a lot of money into growing brands with coupons and free shipping. It’s a free platform so I thought I had nothing to lose.

“The best thing about being one of the first brands is that we have learned and developed with TikTok; we’ve watched so many webinars and been able to jump on before the hype really started.

“For me it’s always been about creating an inclusive brand; I want an honest and real community of women/men of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders. We have a big drag customer base and anyone is welcome at Boosted and TikTok allows us to communicate that message in a real way.”

In April, after a busy start to the year for Boosted, Beth posted a video from Ladies Day at Aintree Racecourse, which went viral. She says: “My phone froze because there were so many orders so I couldn’t see what was going on and we had 300 orders in that one day alone.”

Beth has personally overseen every aspect of Boosted since its launch, from product development through to content creation, customer service and even posting and packaging orders. The brand now has more than 17,000 TikTok followers.

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