Bierkeller sets revellers spicy sausage challenge

Liverpool’s Bierkeller is setting its big appetite customers a spicy sausage challenge … to tackle a mountain of meat created for five people.


Bierkeller’s Grossen Teller


The Bavarian bar and restaurant, which specialises in authentic German beers and food, has invited visitors to the Liverpool ONE venue to partake in its Grossen Teller- a giant platter piled up with two bratwurst, two of its signature kaserkraner, two spicy bratwurst, two smoked hotdog and two garlic bratwurst, with skinny fries and sauerkraut on the side.

The large plate was actually designed to be shared between five, but Liverpool’s Bierkeller says lots of its customers are keen to ignore the guidelines and tuck in.

“When we first came up with the Grossen Teller we imagined a big group of friends or family ordering it to have between them,” said Deputy Manager Karl Fitzgerald. “But we obviously underestimated how hungry our customers are, how big their appetites are … or maybe just how much they love sausage!

“Now we regularly have just two or three mates managing to eat them all, which is quite a feat. We’re yet to have one person manage all 10 by themselves, but there’s nothing – other than the sheer quantity – stopping them giving it a try. We’d be happy for them to take the challenge and give it a go if they think they’re up to it!”

Karl Fitzgerald of Bierkeller Liverpool
Karl Fitzgerald of Bierkeller Liverpool

The Grossen Teller is one of the most popular dishes on Liverpool Bierkeller’s menu, although all three bars and restaurants in the Liverpool ONE Bierkeller complex – including Shooters and Around The World – are about to launch new winter menus.

The good news for sausage fans is that the regulars are still there but they have added extra dishes for customers who want to try something different.

In response to demand from other sites around the country, Liverpool is getting a stacked chicken burger, with crispy bacon and cheese on a toasted brioche, sticky ribs in a BBQ sauce, and an 8oz steak served with chunky chips.

Bierkeller's stacked chicken burger
Bierkeller’s stacked chicken burger

“We didn’t want to take away any of the Bavarian specials which are so popular, but we do appreciate that not everyone likes German sausage quite as much as we do,” said chef, Joseph Whittaker. “We wanted dishes which were traditional and complemented our existing menu and burger, ribs and steak were the obvious ones to offer. They go perfectly with the steins of beer too.”

Bierkeller chef Joseph Whittaker
Bierkeller chef Joseph Whittaker

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