‘On your bike’, say Carra and Bellew

High performance e-bike business DAM Bikes, based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, has launched its range of affordable electric bikes with the help of Jamie Carragher and Tony Bellew. Tony McDonough reports

DAM Bike
Jamie Carragher and Tony Bellew help launch the DAM Bikes e-bikes


Liverpool FC legend Jamie Carragher and boxing superstar Tony Bellew have helped launch a new range of affordable electric bikes.

High performance e-bike business DAM Bikes, based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, has been trading for several months and has now officially unveiled its full e-bike range with a little help from the sports stars.

DAM used the celebrity launch to announce a Christmas price cut with savings of 25% on comparative models. The company is also donating 10 bikes to the NHS. The electric bikes, which are just like a normal bike, with the addition of an electric motor and battery.

They have become increasingly popular in recent years. 2020 has seen a huge leap in the number of people purchasing the bikes for leisure and others who are looking for an eco-friendly way to commute to work.

DAM Bikes have been designed in Liverpool and sold from the company’s headquarters in the Baltic Triangle. Jamie Carragher, said: “DAM Bikes stand out because of the design and quality. It is a fantastic Liverpool business and will become a leader in e-bike technology. It is great to give them my support.”

The company has big ambitions and is promising to give international competitors a run for their money. Roy Heatherington from DAM Bikes, added: “There is huge interest in DAM Bikes.  We’re getting massive interest in our products from people of all ages from all over the country.

“We are a relatively new company but we have a quality product that stands out from the crowd. The bikes are designed in Liverpool and we’re proud to say that so much hard work goes into creating them.

“That’s what makes us special. We’re also challenging competitors on price and are offering as much as 25% savings on comparative models. We’ve done this to make the bikes more affordable for families.”

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