Blind Tattoo, part two… you can follow the action

Wirral tattoo studio Nomad Ink picked two winners for their ‘Blind Tattoo’ challenge earlier this year. Now the second winner is to receive her ‘ink’ in a few days – and she has no idea what it will look like

Nomad Ink
Jon Martin loves his finished tattoo from Nomad Ink


In February 2020 Nomad Ink tattoo studio Wirral held their ‘Blind Tattoo’ event in which one lucky applicant received a large and custom designed tattoo, free of charge.

The catch? The winning applicant, had to put 100% trust in tattoo artist Lewis Sherlock at the Wallasey business. Artists and staff at Nomad whittled down the hundreds of applicants to a shortlist of two.

However, they were unable to choose between them so decided to offer both applicants – Jon Martin from Wallasey and Ruth Redfearn from Devon – a part in the Blind Tattoo event.

Jon was first to take the plunge and didn’t see his tattoo artwork in advance and had no input into the design. He didn’t know how big it was going to be and he didn’t get to see any part of the tattoo process. The first time he saw his new tattoo was when it was finished.

The idea behind the blind tattoo is not shock value. The artist responsible, Lewis Sherlock, wants those chosen for this unique opportunity to love their new tattoo. The aim is to create something fresh and adventurous – a piece of art that reflects the client in a way they may not have thought of.

The day was a great success. Jon loves his new tattoo (and in fact has gone on to have more, giving Lewis free rein on design once again) and the process engaged and inspired those following the story. Jon said: “What an incredible experience to be part of. I love my tattoo. I’m wearing a real piece of art with a great story behind it.”

Ruth was due to receive her tattoo in April 2020, but closure due to COVID-19 meant postponing the event. Now back open, Ruth will be travelling up to Wirral from Devon for the second Blind Tattoo event being held on Monday, August 10.

Like Jon, she has no idea about design, style, placement or even size, and her tattoo could take up to 16 hours to complete. Both winners are creatives themselves so the pressure is on to design something they love for the rest of their lives.

You can follow the build up and coverage of the day on their social media channels, and Get following and watch the event unfold.

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