Business hub that is generating £27m for the economy every year

Operated by property firm Langtree on behalf of Warrington & Co, The Base in Dallam Lane is home to 23 businesses employing almost 250 people. Tony McDonough reports

The Base
The Base, an SME technology hub in Dallam Lane in Warrington


Businesses at Warrington business hub The Base are generating an annual economic impact of £27m, a new analysis claims.

There are 23 businesses based at the technology incubator in Dallam Lane, employing almost 250 people. The Base is operated by property firm Langtree on behalf of the town’s economic development agency, Warrington & Co and was part EU-funded.

Warrington & Co and Langtree arrived at the £27m figure using the accepted ‘multiplier effect’ of taking the combined economic output of all its tenants and multiplying its impact by taking in to account the spend of wages and company purchases in the local economy. 

As the money circulates around the economy, from one business to the next, its impact multiplies. Business development manager Sylvie Morton says the collaborative ethos of the 50,000 sq ft facility has been key to it success so far.

“We put huge effort into a programme of events, workshops, guest speakers and advisory sessions to help our tenants get to know one another and unlock their collective potential by working together,” said Sylvie.

“It’s part of The Base’s DNA now and new tenants join us fully expecting to plug into it.  We have developed a thriving eco-system and more than 50% of our tenants collaborate on shared projects.

“Our tenants are inquisitive by nature so they seek out people who they can work with on problems and opportunities.  We also have a Partners programme, with leading business advisors on hand to help.”

Steve Park
Steve Park, chief executive of Warrington & Co


Steve Park, the head of Warrington & Co, says The Base is one of a number of sector-specific clusters in the town that have helped it ride out various economic storms. He added: “Encouraging clusters, as we have in the nuclear sector, technology and advanced manufacturing is key to strengthening Warrington’s economy and infusing it with a dynamism that will ensure it remains adaptable and competitive.

“We have more than 4,500 staff in the nuclear sector, a further 8,500 in advanced manufacturing and around 2,500 in technology and IT, to which The Base is making a significant contribution.  Across all three we see examples of collaboration under-pinning their growth.  We aim to sustain that long into the future.”

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