Business owner using the power of radio to boost the confidence of Merseyside kids

Podcaster and radio presenter Nic Perrins has created the Let’s Learn Radio training programme   which can be tailored around any subject and so can be easily designed to fit in with the National Curriculum

Nic Perrins, founder of the Let’s Learn Radio training workshop

Merseyside entrepreneur Nic Perrins is using her lifelong love of radio to help build the confidence of local children.

The podcaster and radio presenter has created the Let’s Learn Radio workshop which can be tailored around any subject and so can be easily designed to fit in with the National Curriculum.

As a shy kid herself, Nic never thought that at the age of 43, she would be hosting her own radio show. 

And following a chance introduction to a local primary school last year, it soon became apparent that the world of radio had a lot to offer children in terms of life-skills.

Over the course of six weeks, she helped a group of year six students produce an end-of-term radio show – and along the way, the project highlighted a number of benefits to the pupils that Nic thought should be made available to as many children as possible.

She said: “I’ve been a huge fan of radio since I was 10 but came into it quite late.

“I was really shy at school, and never imagined myself doing any presenting, but when faced with the opportunity of hosting my own show in 2015, I knew I had to take it.

“Until then, I had no idea how many different jobs and skills were involved in producing a radio show and the first primary school project really opened my eyes to just how life-changing radio can be if introduced to children at an early age.

“The great thing about radio is that there are so many jobs to do behind the scenes, that every child, regardless of their natural personality type, is able to make a significant contribution to the production of the show.

“Research, planning, interviewing, scriptwriting, music, journalism, presenting – these roles can all play a massive part in building confidence, improving communication and team-work, and giving even the quietest students the tools they need as they approach secondary school and beyond.”

Nic says she saw first hand the transformational effect the programme can have on youngsters.

She explained: “During the course, one student with challenging speech difficulties found the confidence to read a news bulletin.

“His delivery on air was flawless. It was an emotional ‘lightening bolt’ moment for him – the realisation that he could conquer his problems and they need never hold him back. That was the point I knew I wanted to give more kids the same opportunity.

Nic Perrins didnt make it onto radio until she was in her 40s

“Everyone I’ve approached so far has been unbelievably positive and dates are already in the diary.

“Radio has a mystique and not many people get a chance to try it – so the idea of the courses immediately gets a great reaction. I am passionate about giving every child, especially the quiet ones, the opportunity to be heard and to make a contribution.

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