Cars banned from Liverpool city centre street

A ‘bus-gate’ is being reintroduced on a busy Liverpool city centre street meaning only buses, taxis, private hire vehicles and bicycles will be allowed to access it. Tony McDonough reports

A bus gate is being created at the junction of Great Charlotte Street and Ranelagh Street


Private cars will be banned from Ranelagh Street and Hanover Street in Liverpool between 7am and midnight from Monday, September 5, as a ‘bus-gate’ is reintroduced.

For the next 18 months an Experimental Traffic Order will be put in place. This means all traffic except buses, taxis, private hire vehicles and bicycles will be prohibited from entering Ranelagh Street from the junction at Great Charlotte Street.

This route links the Knowledge Quarter with Liverpool ONE and the waterfront. Liverpool City Council says the bus-gate is being introduced to improve the flow of public transport.  They also say it will reduce congestion and pollution and improve road safety.

The measure was previously in place at the end of 2020. It had to be terminated due to technical issues with enforcement cameras. These have now been resolved. Changes are also being made to the existing disabled, taxi and loading areas.

CCTV cameras will be used to enforce the measure. Parking bays monitored by civil enforcement officers. If successful, the measure will be made permanent.

Cllr Dan Barrington, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: “We want to support sustainable transport use by helping bus users, pedestrians and cyclists.


Hanover Street
Hanover Street in Liverpool city centre. Picture by Tony McDonough


“The benefits of this measure will be considerable in terms of reducing congestion and improving safety in the heart of our city centre. We have worked with our bus partners and public and private taxi sectors on making sure the design works for them.

“It has been designed to complement the changes to The Strand and Lime Street, which have now been completed. As this is an experimental order we will continue to monitor the road to see what difference it is making and if any further changes need to be made.

Cllr Liam Robinson, Transport and Air Quality Portfolio Holder for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, added: “The reintroduction of the bus-gate will have a really positive impact in helping to reduce congestion. It will encourage people to use buses as their preferred way of travelling.”

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