Charity will pay for IT equipment for north Liverpool schools

Set up in August 2020, charity 64 Trust has established a £36,000 fund to help primary schools in Everton buy computer equipment for children

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64 Trust was set up in August 2020 and is now offering ICT grants to primary schools


A Liverpool charity is offering grants to schools in one of the most deprived parts of Liverpool to buy computer equipment for their pupils.

64 Trust was set up in August 2020 and is now offering grants to primary schools in the Everton district of the city. It has established a £36,000 fund that will help the schools purchase equipment that would be a lifeline for children being taught from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The charity has ringfenced the funds to help six schools buy computers, laptops and iPads for children struggling to afford equipment. In recent years primary schools in Everton have seen huge cuts in funding from central government funding, which has been compounded by the area being ranked as one of the poorest in the country.

Pauline Connolly, administrator for the 64 Trust, said: “No child should be excluded from essential learning due to their family finances. Sadly, since COVID-19 forced schools in Everton to shut, there have been too many young people not able to participate in home-learning.

“We hope the six primary schools across the area will take up the opportunity of applying for the grants so they can order much-needed ICT equipment to ensure all children are able to continue learning and developing.”

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