Council takes delivery of Liverpool homes built-in-a-day

Modular homes developer SPACE|MODULAR hands over four factory-built family homes to Liverpool City Council. Tony McDonough reports

Modular homes
Factory-made homes in Liverpool built by SPACE|MODULAR


Modular homes builder SPACE|MODULAR has handed over four factory-built family homes to Liverpool City Council.

Located at Birchfield Street, just outside the city centre, the three-bedroom houses were all constructed off-site and then installed at the locations. SPACE|MODULAR partnered with the council housing company Foundations on the project.

Modular homes are constructed in a factory and then installed on-site in just a day. The properties exceed modern building regulations and are energy-efficient and are light years ahead of the old ‘pre-fabs’ seen across Liverpool following World War II.

They are made using precision engineering techniques accompanied by the latest smart home technology and provide the same specifications, space and aesthetics as traditional builds.

Each house comprises of two modules and the company installed eight modules in one day (four houses). SPACE|MODULAR chief executive Ian Ambrose, said: “I am delighted to have partnered with Foundations on the delivery of Birchfield Street Development providing four, much-needed family homes to the area.

“I firmly believe that modern methods of construction (MMC) is the future of housing and whilst MMC covers a broad range of techniques, our volumetric modular offering is the finest in terms of quality, efficiency whilst offering sustainable homes which surpass all current building regulations.    

“Thanks to Government support  over recent months their seems to be a shift towards MMC and an increased appetite amongst local authorities, housing associations and build-to-rent providers and I’m confident modular housing will play a greater role in tackling the UK’s housing shortage.”

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