E-Sign secure praise for document signing solution

Entrepreneur Thomas Taylor has launched a “pay as you go” digital e-signature and secure document storage solution at Manx BioMed 2014.

Co-directors Brendon Kenny and Peter Buglass presented the solution to the conference, which was well received.

Courtenay Heading, conference organiser said:

“We really wanted e-sign to present to our audience of world class investors and entrepreneurs, as this solution can really add value to efficiencies in the health sector and beyond.”

E-Sign is a simple, online, pay-as-you-go service that provides an advanced electronic signature and secure encrypted storage for all your important documents.

When you sign a paper document with a pen you feel safe. However fraud is easy because your written signature is easily copied or forged. E-Sign’s advanced electronic signature is unique to the document and you. Advanced encryption techniques create a unique QR Code each time you sign a document.

Attempts to copy the signature will always fail as the security always tags the signature to the original document. The document itself is locked and cannot be altered once it has been sent out for signature.

The document is stored on secure servers to the meet with all the statuary time limits. The documents are only accessible via the e-sign account owner.

Currently thousands of users world wide have discovered the benefits of using E-Sign. They include lawyers, accountants, insurers, NHS Trusts, car hire companies, currency exchanges, transport offices, financial advisors, individuals and many more.

E-Sign also let’s you add a passport, driving licence, employee reference, sock colour, inside leg measurement or any other details you think necessary for additional security.

One of the questions regularly asked is “is it legal?”

Electronic signatures have been around for some time. The UK law for the use of electronic signatures was enacted in 2000 and the DTI regards electronic signatures to be safer than pen and paper signatures. Our cousins in the US even call their legislation the E-Sign Act.

Additionally, E-Sign has joined Coventry University and other partners to research eTrust and the safety of secure digital services internationally as part of a European Union project.

Across the world more and more organisations recognise the certainty of the service and the cost savings. No printing, no stuffing in envelopes, no postage, no waiting in queues for ‘registered’ post, no waiting for items to come back signed.

E-Sign keeps track of the documents too. A full audit trail keeps you informed of who has the document and who has signed. Multiple signatories is simple and anything that you can send by email can be sent for signing through E-Sign.

Tom Taylor who founded E-Sign said:

“After the frustrations of waiting for documents to be posted and signed when trying to buy a car, l decided there had to be a better way. It’s been a tough and gruelling journey with a great team but now E-Sign is ready to go and we can now offer a first class service for less than sending a document by second class post!”

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