Ex-Royal Marine amputee leads Zip World recruitment drive

Invictus Games double gold medalist Andy Grant, who lost his leg in Afghanistan, is looking to recruit veterans for Zip World in Liverpool – a project that continues to divide opinion. Tony McDonough reports

Andy Grant
Liverpool-born ex-Royal Marine Andy Grant, who lost his leg at the age of 22 in Afghanistan


An Invictus Games double gold medalist who lost his leg in Afghanistan is looking to help recruit military veterans for Liverpool’s new Zip World attraction – a new venture that continues to divide the city.

In early July, former Royal Marine Sean Taylor secured planning consent for his 400-metre zip wire from the top of St Johns Beacon to Central Library, 450 ft above St John’s Gardens. Due to open in summer 2021, the Zip World attraction will see the creation of 32 new jobs.

The project has seen significant opposition from local councillors and residents as well as the nearby Marriott Hotel and the War Memorials Trust but also support from local businesses and business leaders, keen to attract more people to Liverpool.

Now Liverpool-born ex-Royal Marine Andy Grant, who lost his leg at the age of 22 after being blown up in Afghanistan while fighting the Taliban, has set out to recruit 30 armed forces veterans to work at Zip World.

Andy, who is the fastest single leg amputee in the world, is now looking for veterans, and those with similar experiences to him, to operate the new zip line which is due to open in summer of 2021. He will help set up Zip World’s new ‘kitting up centre’ in St Johns which will welcome visitors to the attraction when it opens next year.

He said: I am looking for men and women who have often struggled to find employment after life in the services, and particularly those who have been injured or affected by the loss of limbs in conflict. I want them to be the people running this exciting new attraction.

There will  be nothing better than having veterans working 138 metres above ground level, at one of Liverpool’s most recognisable landmarks, proving that nothing should ever be a barrier to working in some of the most challenging environments.” of operation. The significant benefits to the area have seen local job creation, increased visitor numbers and increased secondary spend from both UK and international tourists.

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