Fitness venture attracts 1,000 new subscribers

An online fitness venture launched by Liverpool entrepreneurs Holly Braithwaite and Callum Webb secures 1,000 new subscribers so far in 2023. Tony McDonough reports

Holly Braithwaite and Callum Webb, founders of POW8R


Online fitness venture POW8R has seen more than 1,000 new subscribers sign up in the first three months of 2023.

POW8R is an online fitness app that was created by two Liverpool entrepreneurs, Holly Braithwaite and Callum Webb, in January 2021. They say they have had a 150% increase in users over the past year but declined to offer an exact figure.

It offers a bank of more than 600 workouts that users can access at any time, more than 600 recipes and live classes. And it has a chat box feature on live workouts where members can interact with each other and with Holly and Callum.

They created the app after partnering up during COVID lockdown to deliver free weekly live workouts via Instagram Live, raising more than £10,000 for the NHS in the process.

Thousands of people joined each week to stay fit during the pandemic, with Holly and Callum spending 14 weeks in total offering the free live classes.

Seeing how popular online training classes could be, and having both been coaches for six years, they decided to join forces professionally.

POW8R works with members of all genders, ages and abilities. And, with Holly recently giving birth to the couple’s first baby, the duo also specialise in pre and post-natal fitness too.

They say their approach is to focus on being personal to each member, rather than having a broader, one size fits all approach. This is focused on creating lifestyles with longevity and finding diet and exercise regimes that are sustainable for each individual.

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Callum explained: “Lockdown really showed us the beauty of training from home. A lot of people feel anxious going to a gym.

“Others don’t have much time with having busy careers and families and so the idea of working out from home and having both myself and Holly on demand with the touch of a button was a game changer.”

Holly added: “From October 2020, we started working on POW8R behind the scenes. We’d both had very successful personal training businesses pre-COVID and were both fully booked for PT as well as numerous classes each week with over 50-60 people attending each one.

“We took a huge risk, leaving our personal training behind because we knew that POW8R was going to be a completely new, unique, affordable and fresh way of staying fit and becoming a healthier version of yourself.

“Fast forward to now, and we have our very own unique fitness app that’s changing hundreds of thousands of lives in over 40 different countries.”

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