Fundraising night being held for Reds fan Danny Smith

Liverpool businessman Les Wright is helping to organise a charity event for Danny Smith, a Liverpool FC fan who has been unable to work since being attacked at the Champions League final in 2022. Tony McDonough reports

Danny Smith
Danny Smith, right, with Liverpool FC legend Jamie Carragher in hospital. Picture courtesy of Danny Smith


A fundraising event is being held in November for Danny Smith, a Liverpool fan who was attacked and badly injured at the chaotic Champions League final in Paris in May 2022.

Kop Season ticket holder Danny, 47, had travelled to the French capital to watch the final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. After exiting the Stade de France shortly after the Reds’ 1-0 defeat, he was the victim of a brutal hammer attack.

In front of Danny’s shocked teenage son Daniel, the attackers shattered his knee with a hammer and then rifled through his pockets, stealing his possessions.

On his return to Liverpool he spent nine weeks in hospital and underwent two major operations. Intensive physio has allowed Danny to walk again but he is in constant pain and has been unable to work since the incident.

In an interview with The Athletic earlier this year, he said: “We were only just outside the stadium when we became aware that we were being followed.

“About 10 of them in their early 20s were whistling and it was clear they wanted trouble. Then there was an ambush. About 50 came from different directions.

“A couple of them went to grab my bag. Daniel was trying to pull me one way, but I was worried about turning my back on these lads.

“Then another guy came alongside me pretending to be a bit of a peacemaker. I think it was him that hit me with the hammer. I just felt this agony in my leg and went down… I guess that’s his signature thing to incapacitate someone. 

“They knew they had me where they wanted me and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I kept trying to get up but my knee kept giving way.

“I was sitting up when another lad came running at me to kick me in the head. Thankfully, it just skimmed my face. Within seconds, my bag with my money was gone, as well as my sunglasses, bracelet, and the watch the kids had bought me.”

On Friday, November 17, a fundraising night is being held to raise money for Danny. Among the organisers is Les Wright, director of Liverpool city region logistics firm Supply Chain Solution.

Taking place at Anfield stadium, the night will feature LFC legends, photos with the Champions League trophy, food and drinks and a Q&A with Danny Smith & Les Wright. James Pearce of The Athletic will also conduct a Q&A with the Liverpool legends.

And the event will feature a comedian, raffle, live music and a silent auction with the night concluding at 1.30am.

This is a not for profit event, with only essential services being paid for such as food, drink, audio visual equipment etc. The idea is that all funds raised go to support Danny Smith.

Liverpool accountancy firm DSG will oversee all financial transactions. The event at Anfield is a fan-led event and is being supported by Liverpool Football Club. They will be publishing details on their socials etc to promote the event.

Click here to buy tickets or tables for the event. There are also VIP packages available direct message Les Wright via Twitter (X) @les_ambassador

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