Haines Watts applauds record rise of females in higher tax brackets

Haines Watts Liverpool is applauding a record rise of women moving into ‘additional rate’ tax brackets.

In line with a recent report by investment provider Radius Equity, which stated that an impressive 50,000 women have moved in to the top-tier tax bracket, a rise of 48% since the rate was introduced in 2010, Associate Director of Haines Watts Liverpool Vikki Wynne has noticed the trend across the North West.
The statement concluded that in the financial year 2014-15, women accounted for 15.3% of those earning £150,000 or above in the UK, compared with just 13.8% five years ago.

Vikki said:

“It’s great to reflect on this year’s findings that have noted prominent financial growth for women in the UK. Such impressive and encouraging results are suggesting that more and more females are finding themselves in increasingly successful, high-flying careers, which is certainly exciting for aspiring young women wishing to follow in their footsteps. In recent years, we have noticed a steady rise in local businesswomen who have moved up into higher tax brackets and enlisted our services to aid this. Furthermore, an increasing percentage of our own senior management team is made up of successful females – it’s very important to us to support the ever-expanding number of women in business.”

Haines Watts, located on Victoria Street, specialises in advising and supporting business owners. It supports over 35,000 companies and business owners around the UK, which gives its clients access to a huge amount of expertise and knowledge.

Vikki added:

“The Office for National Statistics has also recently concluded that last year the gender pay gap has narrowed to its lowest level since 1997 and now stands at 9.4%. This along with the findings by Radius Equity is so encouraging for professional females on a local and national scale.This outcome is certainly exciting, it is a long road ahead and we hope that future findings will see the gap decrease even further to bring us closer to financial equality with men.”

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