“Imitate the Liverpool BID model” says Wirral Chamber of Commerce

The Wirral Chamber of Commerce is backing a campaign to convince firms in Birkenhead to support the establishment of a Business Improvement District after the successes of BID Liverpool.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are common to cities around the world, with businesses within a metropolitan area paying an extra levy on top of their typical business rates in order to fund business development projects.

Liverpool already has two successful BIDs and the Wirral Chamber of Commerce is keen to imitate their successes by providing a “powerful voice” for Birkenhead businesses.

Before a BID can be established, local businesses have to vote in favour. Wirral Chamber of Commerce and Wirral Council have jointly appointed Carl Critchlow as BID co-ordinator to work with local firms before the vote, which is expected to take place later on this year.

Wirral Chamber of Commerce has also organised a launch event in March so that businesses and the public alike can find out more.

Carl Critchlow explained:

“A Birkenhead BID would enable the private sector to take the initiative by making the changes that they want.

“It also gives the area the added security of a guaranteed level of funding for five years, allowing us to plan for the long term needs of the town and its businesses.” “The creation of a BID is decided following a ballot of the qualifying businesses and, if successful, it will then last for five years.

“A BID is funded by a levy based on a small percentage of each businesses rateable value, this levy is collected through the business rates of those businesses located within the district.

“Revenues raised pay for initiatives and projects to support the areas businesses.”

The BID must make sure that it targets issues relevant to businesses operating in Birkenhead, so the Wirral Chamber will be holding a consultation over the next few months to establish a final district boundary and levy rate.

A BID plan will then be developed with the help of participating businesses to outline the aims and objectives which will be then voted upon.

The Official BID launch will take place at 9.30am on Tuesday, March 24, at the Laurie’s Centre, Claughton Road, Birkenhead.

Further information about the BID can be found at www.birkenheadbid.co.uk.


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Words: Peter Cribley

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