Judge, jury, executioner- audience decides the verdict in new interactive show from LoveHistory

Trial By Jury is a brand new interactive courtroom theatre experience where audiences play a pivotal role and decide the fate of those on trial.

The new production from Lovehistory, the theatrical company behind The Catacombs of Liverpool’s Darkest History Tours and Murder at St George’s Hall Series comes to St George’s Hall on Fri April 21 for the weekend, as part of a special programme of events for World Heritage Month.

Audiences will initially be witness to a historical crime of murder. The full details of the crime will then be revealed through performances, re-enactments and narration.

After the details of the crime are revealed the prosecution and defence will then make their case, with the audience playing the part of the jury.

The audience will pass sentence, with punishments relative to the historical period of the crime.

Once the judge has passed sentence from the jury’s verdict, the real-life sentence will then also be revealed.

The crime and court-case planned for the event will be kept top secret until the evening of the first performance.

Judy McLean, creative director of Lovehistory, said: “This will be a really exciting event, one which puts the audience in the forefront of the performance. No two performances will ever be the same as the outcome will always be different! All of the facts presented will be based on a real case, re-enacted by our wonderfully talented group of actors – it will then be down to the audience to decide their fate!”

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