Kate Stewart launches new ‘female empowerment community’

Successful Liverpool Entrepreneur Kate Stewart is launching Sisterhood HQ aimed at women in business or those who aspire to be. Tony McDonough reports

Kate Stewart
Liverpool entrepreneur Kate Stewart is launching Sisterhood HQ


Successful Liverpool entrepreneur Kate Stewart is launching what she is calling a “female empowerment community” to support women in business.

Sisterhood HQ will be aimed at women who have ambitions to start their own business, is already an entrepreneur, or those who are looking for positivity and encouragement from other like-minded women.

Ms Stewart is well known in the Liverpool business community. She has invested in property, beauty salons and is the owner of the Sandon pub and hotel in the shadow of Liverpool FC’s Anfield stadium.

In 2019, as part of her Vitality Homes venture, she launched Damien John Kelly House House in Wavertree. Its aim is to provide abstinence recovery programmes for those battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Bolstering her Sisterhood HQ online community, Ms Stewart has launched her very first podcast also named Sisterhood HQ. It’s centred around female empowerment and communicating a range of success stories and how different women from various walks of life have reached their goals, are striving to achieve their dreams and their top tips for doing so.

Her first series includes podcasts with Liverpool singer Rebecca Ferguson, Real Housewives of Cheshire’s Tanya Bardsley, celebrity make-up artist Carla Lawson, popular Scouse DJ Kaci-Lea Lynch and renowned brain trainer and psychology coach Liz Forshaw.

Creating a community to support women of all ages, from all walks of life and with varying backgrounds, is something Ms Stewart, a mum-of-four, is incredibly passionate about and has always made time for during her career.

Kate Stewart, Sandon
Kate Stewart is the owner of the Sandon Hotel in Anfield


During the UK’s third COVID-19 lockdown, she has been using her social media platforms to share small businesses, online businesses and female-owned businesses – usually single mums trying to make a living. She has been sharing them with her 15,000 followers on Instagram and the businesses she’s shared have seen huge surges in sales.

“Sisterhood HQ is an online platform and a community for all things business, positivity and female empowerment,” said Ms Stewart. “We want to encourage as many women to join us as possible and really support them on their journey to success.

“The community will allow our subscribers to seek out services from fellow subscribers which will be a great cross-promotion tool to help the women secure new business. We’ll also be providing training courses, support with HR, health and safety, changing legislation and employment contracts. We’ll also be hosting awards ceremonies to celebrate the women that we work with.

“I have always supported and mentored women throughout my career but having four children of my own and multiple businesses to run can make it really hard to support as many people as I want to.

“Sisterhood HQ will allow me to reach so many more people and I can’t wait to get started with our weekly zoom calls and guest inspirational speakers.”

Visit @Sisterhood_hq on Instagram and search Sisterhood HQ on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

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