Leading web hosting company reveals benefits of custom built websites for businesses

One of the UK’s most trusted cloud hosting providers is advising local businesses of the advantages of custom built websites.

Why have a custom built website?

Director of Cyber Host Pro Chris Danks (pictured) believes that the desire for professional web design services is becoming increasingly obsolete amongst many small-scale businesses.

As well as cutting significant costs, Chris suggests that firms who choose to create their company website without the aid of web developer, are still able to produce a comprehensive and proficient site.

He said:

“Gone are the days when only industry professionals are equipped to design quality websites. With free website building software being steadily on the increase, the general public now have web design tools at their fingertips.

“Most online web builders feature step by step tutorials of how to design a coherent site, which is perfect for novices. WordPress for example, which is optimised through our web hosting, enables users to construct a bespoke website that fits their brand image, via the simplistic dashboard.”

In addition to the relative ease of use, custom web tools also cut out the middle-man, resulting in little downtime during site maintenance. As the overall aim of a company website is to boost its presence in the market, whilst maximising traffic conversion – by taking of advantage of such software, users have the power to optimize their sites however they see fit.

Cyber Host Pro

Based on Old Hall Street, the team at Cyber Host Pro have provided on-going support to an array of local businesses since their establishment in 2002. In addition to delivering internet solutions, the independently ran firm offer domain name registration, speedy web hosting and email set ups.

Chris added:

“We like to offer help and advice to local businesses when it comes to making the most out of web technology. By designing their own tailor-made websites, companies will be able cut their expenditure and channel their outflow into cultivating the business.”

For more information and to download a free information pack visit www.cyberhostpro.com

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