Liverpool COVID testing firm pivots as demand falls

During the pandemic Liverpool firm DAM Health has carried out 1.5m COVID-19 tests but is now pivoting to other types of testing and therapeutics as demand falls. Tony McDonough reports

Professor Frank Joseph
Professor Frank Joseph, founder of Dam Health in Liverpool


A Liverpool firm that saw rapid growth on the back of demand for COVID-19 testing during the pandemic is now looking to diversify into other areas of health.

Since the pandemic struck the UK in March 2020, Dam Health has carried out 1.5m COVID tests. As demand soared it opened more testing centres both in the UK and in a number of countries overseas.

However, while the pandemic is far from over as evidenced by a recent surge in UK cases, demand for tests has peaked. With more people now vaccinated and with multiple countries now longer demanding a negative test upon entry, demand has fallen significantly.

Dam began planning for this shift 12 months ago and is now diversifying its offering. It is unveiling a range of new services including DNA sequencing, epigenetic testing and other diagnostic tests for preventive and reactive health care for a range of conditions and illnesses.

Dam founder Professor Frank Joseph said: “Our ambition is to diversify our services into a much wider range, collaborating with fellow innovators such as Muhdo, Newfoundland, DNA Nudge and LilyBee.

“I’m also particularly proud of our weight loss programme which is based on my own Liverpool weight loss clinic. As we launch our new products and services, this will help support and take the strain off the NHS.

“At DAM we started with the ethos of using in-clinic testing during the pandemic and we now have an established infrastructure of sites for some of our new services. Other tests are at-home test kits, most of which are lateral flow tests which we are all used to.”

The range of new products includes:

  • LilyBee – a range of menopause products includes creams, moisturisers, candles and tea.
  • MUHDO DNA Health Tests – uncover genetic stories from a few saliva cells.
  • Newfoundland Diagnostics – diagnostic tests from menopause, male fertility and pregnancy to thyroid function, malaria and bowel and prostate cancers.
  • Allergy and Intolerance Tests – to identify environmental triggers of allergies and food intolerance from a blood sample taken at home. 
  • DNA Nudge – this test analyses and maps users’ genetic profile to key nutrition-related health traits.
  • Cryotherapy – the quick and safe removal of warts, verrucas and moles.

Occupational health screening services include vision, cardiovascular, endocrine system, musculoskeletal, neurological and psychiatric. Upcoming services and products  include ear irrigation, hay fever injections and in-clinic health checks.

Prof Joseph added: “Our track record in testing since we opened our first clinic in Liverpool in November 2020 speaks for itself as we embark on this innovative and exciting future.”

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