Liverpool cybersecurity firm granted sole UK distributorship over breakthrough security system

A Merseyside cybersecurity firm has been granted sole UK distributorship over a breakthrough security system, trusted by Governments worldwide.

Following the recent spate of hacking scandals and high-profile security breaches, many people are becoming more aware of the inherent dangers that come along with using the internet. TeamLogic are now able to offer KeyTalk, a digital security solution that safeguards “Data in Motion”.

This allows secure access to sensitive information on-the-go, preventing hackers from being able to easily access important documents, data and information.

90% of large companies and 74% of SMEs were victims of security breaches last year. These breaches greatly damage business, costing an average of £75,000 for SMEs and £311,000 for large companies. Hackers will often target confidential business information, client data and company bank accounts.

Ian Young, managing director of TeamLogic, said:

“It’s great that the team behind KeyTalk have acknowledged TeamLogic’s track record of reliable cybersecurity support. We’ve already started installing the solution into various companies around the UK, and we expect to receive many more orders over the coming months.

“You don’t have to be a computer genius to hack people’s computers and devices anymore, you can do it with affordable software that’s easy to use. As we offload more and more of our responsibilities to our devices, the risk increases.

“Couple this with the rise of the ‘Cloud’, the Internet of Things and wireless data transmission – Wi-Fi, for example – and the dangers of harmful security breaches rises exponentially.

“When we first heard about KeyTalk, we were excited that someone had finally developed a reliable cybersecurity system that required little maintenance after installation, as well as greatly reducing risk and cost to a business. Now, TeamLogic is overjoyed to be the firm who will be installing it into people’s systems and providing businesses with reliable, affordable security.”

KeyTalk is used by the Council of the EU and several other international Government organisations to protect sensitive information from being leaked and manipulated. The system works by issuing short-lived digital certificates that only work on nominated devices, meaning that login details will only work within a pre-arranged time period and only on chosen laptops, tablets and mobile phones. TeamLogic claim that, to this day, the system remains unbroken.

Wout Van der Wijk, CEO of KeyTalk, said:

“TeamLogic has a track record in establishing new and unique technology, allied to a commitment to Digital Security solutions. With their understanding of the potential for KeyTalk across the Internet, Machine 2 Machine and the Internet of things, they anticipate a significant market presence for the technology.”

TeamLogic is a cybersecurity organisation with a user-base in the NHS and amongst the Government. They are now offering KeyTalk to businesses and individuals to ensure they stay protected. The business is currently in conversation with the Liverpool Universities in order to create jobs for their IT Graduates in cybersecurity.

To find out more about TeamLogic and KeyTalk, visit or contact

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