Liverpool digital firm Mashbo helps take VR learning into the classroom

First project for the new Liverpool-based tech start-up Sibro provides 360 video experiences educating people about the First World War and the Battle of the Somme

Mashbo is helping to take VR learning into schools via the Sibro venture

Liverpool digital agency Mashbo has supported the creation of the synchronised VR experience platform Sibro that will bring education to life in schools.

The Sibro platform will debut as a classroom support tool helping to deliver educational content.

The first project for the new Liverpool-based tech start-up provides 360 video experiences educating people about the First World War and the Battle of the Somme.

The new synchronised content distribution system will allow the classroom to be taken over by a VR experience which is managed by one device controlling the content on all of the headsets in the classroom.

The venture has seen Sibro commission Mocha and IronBird, who are also both based in Liverpool, to produce the first round of content.

Additionally, the VR start-up has worked with the BBC First World War historian Peter Barton to present and curate Sibro’s first classroom VR experience.

As part of the project Mashbo has invested into the project alongside private investors to start-up Sibro.

Sibro managing director and founder, Gareth Abbott, said: “Sibro was born out of an idea from my battlefield tours company Esprit, where we wanted to offer schools more than just our traditional field trip to the Somme.

“From this we came up with the Sibro concept which has come to life following the investment and hard work, resulting in a synchronised VR experience, along with the amazing content that we have produced.

“From our development and production team, through to the amazing knowledge and talent of Peter Barton, we have created something which is visually stunning whilst also creating a powerful education tool.

“The support from Mashbo has helped us to create our prototype software and to launch our new business.”

Mashbo managing director and Sibro investor, Gavin Sherratt, added: “It’s been an epic journey working with the Sibro founders and content delivery partners.

“We have some amazing content that will change the way that history lessons are delivered in the classroom.

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