Liverpool and Everton investing £450,000 in grassroots football

Both Premier League clubs are giving £75,000 a year to the Grassroots Football Development Fund, through their respective charities. Tony McDonough reports

grassroots football
Liverpool and Everton are to invest £450,000 in grassroots football


Liverpool and Everton football clubs are to invest £450,000 in local grassroots football over the next three years.

Both Premier League are giving £75,000 a year to the Grassroots Football Development Fund, through their respective charities, to provide equipment, training opportunities and pitch-time for clubs, leagues and families who may face financial barriers

The eventual aim of the partnership will be to create a Liverpool Football Trust which will oversee future investment in football in the city.

Working alongside Liverpool City Council and the County Football Association, The Trust, which has representation from the two clubs, County Football Association and the city council, will consider applications for funding support from junior clubs and leagues.

Support will be divided into a development fund – designed to help existing clubs that want to expand and new clubs that are just kicking off. It will help fund the training of coaches and providing facilities for clubs.

An infrastructure fund will also be created to provide new equipment, such as footballs, cones and goalposts.

There are more than 400 junior clubs playing in Liverpool. The city council has already been working hard to invest in the local game through its Parklife initiative and the creation of four ‘football hubs’ across the city.

More than 80,000 people are registered with the council’s Parklife scheme. The hubs have been open for a year and during that time there have been more than half a million visits by players of all ages.

The application and funding criteria for Liverpool’s Grassroots Football Development Fund will be made available to clubs and leagues later this month.

Matt Parish, director of LFC Foundation, said: “By equipping local communities and clubs with the support they need, this new fund will help to provide local children and young people with access to high quality coaching and facilities.”

And Richard Kenyon, chief executive of Everton in the Community, added: “Grassroots football is the lifeblood of our game and plays a vital role in our communities. It is where the journey starts for our future professional footballers but also brings health benefits to participants of all ages and abilities.”

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