Liverpool Film Office celebrates 25th birthday

The Liverpool Film Office has produced a special showreel of highlights from some of the 6,000 productions filmed in the city since it was formed 25 years ago.

The two minute feature reel shows off just how successful the Film Office has been since its inception, with glimpses of successful films and franchises such as Harry Potter, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, In the Name of the Father, 51st State, as well as televisual treats such as Peaky Blinders, Utopia and Cilla.

An extended cut will feature testimonials and will be used to attract even more productions to the city.

The role of the Liverpool Film Office is to promote the city to producers and directors for both the big and small screen, highlighting the unique locations that Liverpool has to offer that make it the perfect backdrop to blockbusters, prime time dramas, as well as adverts and even music videos.

Liverpool is among the most filmed cities outside of London, with a new report demonstrating that the Liverpool Film Office have worked with around 170 film and TV production companies, resulting in nearly 600 filming days in 2014 alone and contributing £9 million to the local economy.

Assistant mayor and cabinet member responsible for the Film Office, Councillor Wendy Simon, said:

“This latest report is fantastic news and it’s important never to underestimate the value and impact the film industry has on the city.

“Since its inception 25 years ago, the reputation of Liverpool Film Office has grown and grown. The knowledge of the team and their can-do attitude appeals to producers and makes production companies return here time and time again.

“The showreel is just a snapshot of Liverpool’s role in the industry, but it’s amazing to see to see the calibre of work which has taken place here. It genuinely made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and I’m sure it will engender pride in the city for everyone who sees it.”

Film Office Manager, Lynn Saunders, said:

“This has been an incredibly busy year for us and we are delighted at the number of high-quality productions we have hosted which are a fantastic promotion for our world-class locations.

“Each year, the task of attracting the industry here gets more difficult as other cities are vying for a piece of this lucrative business, knowing that the economic benefit along with the other jobs and tourism related opportunities are invaluable.

“However, our film-friendly offer and expertise continues to attract filmmakers. We’ve seen a real trend of period pieces coming to the city – our stunning architecture lends itself well to many different eras which is a huge asset for us.

“But we don’t rest on our laurels and we’re already working on some big opportunities for next year, so we hope that 2015 will be another bumper year for the Film Office.”

Geoff White, Partner at River Motion Group, said:

“I’ve had a close association with Liverpool Film Office since its inception and River is very proud to have produced this film which we feel blends the energy and spirit of Liverpool with its unique locations.

“The co-operation of the producers, distributors and artists in releasing the rights for the material is an indication of the esteem generated for the City by its Film Office.”

Produced by Liverpool-based River Motion Group, the showreel can be viewed at


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Words: Peter Cribley

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