Liverpool firm ESE Group offers ‘Solar Cashback’ deal

Liverpool solar specialist ESE Group launches what it says is a ‘revolutionary’ Solar Cashback offer, allowing customers to earn cash directly from their solar panels: Advertising feature

ESE Group
ESE Group is offering a ‘revolutionary’ Solar Cashback deal to its customers


Householders can now earn cash directly from their solar panels thanks to the new ‘revolutionary’ Solar Cashback deal from ESE Group.

Based in Liverpool, the solar specialist has launched a new incentive scheme that pays customers monthly for everything they generate. Until now, people were only able to earn ‘credits’ from their solar panels via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme.

ESE Group was founded in 2015 and since then has established a strong reputation within the UK solar market. This is thanks to its maintenance, battery and solar offerings, all of which have resulted in +3,000 reviews on leading customer feedback platform, Trustpilot.

Today the business has outlets across the UK including Exeter and County Durham alongside a recently purchased new 10,000 sq ft headquarters. However it is ESE Group’s latest innovation that has caught the attention of solar customers across the UK.

It has teamed up with award-winning green tech company Rowan Energy to offer all households with solar panels 10p per kWh for everything they generate in the form of cash, not credits.

A small device, known as a carbon offset monitor, can be installed with new or existing systems and generates carbon offset rewards that are paid to customers.


ESE Group
Liverpool headquarters of solar power specialist ESE Group


According to ESE Group, a typical household will generate approximately 4,500 kWh of electricity per year.

With ESE Group’s carbon offset monitor that means a household will receive £450 per year at least, with the 10p per kWh being the minimum price, meaning this could potentially increase.

The first batch of carbon offset monitors sold out within the first week. Since securing exclusive distribution across the UK, ESE Group sold out within the first week and currently has a two-month waiting list.

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