All Liverpool Hackneys now contactless

Following a decision by Liverpool City Council’s licensing committee, all of the city’s black cabs are now equipped to take contactless card payments

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Liverpool’s Hackney cabs now accept contactless payment


All of Liverpool 1,426 black cabs can now take contactless payments.

In April, the Liverpool City Council’s licensing committee agreed to accept a proposal to make contactless card payments mandatory in all of the city’s Hackney cabs, bringing them into line with taxies in other cities such as London.

The city council consulted with Liverpool’s Hackney drivers before the decision was taken. The cab drivers raised concerns about where the payment machines should be located. It was decided that the reader should be placed in a plastic partition between the driver and passenger. 

Following the initial decision by the licensing committee, drivers were given six month period to make the necessary adjustments to their vehicles and have the payment machines installed. That period ended this week, which means that all of the Hackney cabs must now have the facility to accept card payments. 

The move comes at a time when due to the coronavirus outbreak, contactless card payments have become the accepted method of paying for goods and services. 

All of the city’s Hackney cabs also have plastic partition screens fitted to further protect both passenger and driver from spreading the infection.

Tommy McIntyre, Liverpool’s national taxi organiser for the Unite union, said: “Liverpool is a vibrant tourist attraction as well we having an international airport, railway stations and a major shopping centre, which are serviced by our cabs.

“Now all customers will now know if they wish too, they can pay by card. Tourists to the city and locals customers will know that any cab they hire from the street, a rank or radio system will take payment by card. This can only be a good thing and benefit the customers and our members alike.

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