Liverpool hair salon pens letter to the Queen in a bid to make Global Scouse Day a national holiday

Well, Global Scouse Day caused a social media storm on Saturday, as restaurants around the city united in championing the traditional Liverpool dish. It is a day that has become a favourite with locals, but tut the Director of one of Liverpool’s most well known hair salons has written to the Queen urging her to make Global Scouse Day a national holiday.

Rob Webb and the team at Voodou, who have four salons in the city, have sent a letter to Buckingham Palace encouraging “Our Liz” to make the February 28 annual event one for the entire country to celebrate.

They believe that there is ‘not enough recognition’ for the increasingly popular day and are encouraging Liverpudlians to back their campaign.

Rob Webb said:

“We’ve been in business in the city for nearly 40 years and we love Liverpool in literally every way! Global Scouse Day has become incredibly popular since it was launched and rather than just promoting food and drink, the day has highlighted just how much people like to put Liverpool on the map.

“We’re sending a letter to Buckingham Palace with the hope that the Queen sees our passion for the city and give it its very own day – just like Ireland has St Patrick’s. We’ve already shared the idea with our clients over the past few days and they think it’s a winning idea!”

Rob’s letter explains the importance of Liverpool in British culture, along with some background of the classic Scouse heritage. Also included in the letter is Rob’s request to make Global Scouse Day a national holiday in honour of “all things Scouse”.

He added:

“We’ve got the food and drink, the heritage, the history, the most amazing people and of course the glam factor. Now it’s time for us to get our very own day!”

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