Liverpool movie producer seeking the big screen stars of the future

Michelle Billington’s Foot In The Door Films CIC is looking to oversee the making of five new productions filmed across Liverpool and Merseyside over the next three to five years. Tony McDonough reports

Michelle Billington, founder and director of Liverpool-based Foot In The Door Films CIC


Casting agent turned movie producer Michelle Billington is actively looking for the big screen stars of the future with plans for five films to be filmed in Liverpool over the next five years.

Liverpool-born Michelle was a film casting agent for 22 years and was a line producer working with industry big names including David Morrissey.

She is now the founder and director of of Foot In The Door Films CIC and has begun a national search for the star of her next feature film, to be filmed in the city.

One lucky winner will not only become a star of the big screen but will walk away with a wage packet of up to £25,000.

Auditons open

With auditions also open for secondary roles, the pioneering new project will see a total of five new productions filmed across Liverpool and Merseyside over the next three to five years.

Michelle said: “The UK boasts a wealth of untapped talent and this is their chance to shine as we open the doors to artists from across the UK.

“We are looking for raw talent who may or may not have already starred in a film, making this an open platform for all ages.”

“Foot in the Door Films has committed to creating a stage that allows both artistes and crew alike to play a part in the creative sector in Merseyside but will be attracting talent from across the UK.”

New productions

Films in development include:

  • Hidden Wounds – Exploring the true life stories of veterans and their families
  • Scotland Road – A drama based around one of the most famous roads in Liverpool
  • Passive – True life accounts of the subtle, yet damaging way domestic violence affects victims and their families
  • Sign of the Sea – Based on true events about the 1,000 Chinese seamen who were forcibly sent back to China from Liverpool in 1946 without the knowledge of their English settled families
  • Why Me? – A film about cancer and the uncertainty and disbelief around it

She added: “This platform will see us screen annual major film premiers that our city can be proud of.

“We aim to screen at film festivals across the world, promoting the UK’s talent. Our goal is to put this local Liverpool film production company on the map as a permanent fixture which celebrates home grown actors.”

Foot In The Door Films Community Interest Company is casting for dedicated people with potential talent from all backgrounds.

Auditions for the 2017-2018 next project are open.  For details and an application form email

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