Liverpool offers one of the cheapest nights out for students

A new study has analysed the UK cities with the top 40 universities and calculated which offer the cheapest nights out and Liverpool is in the top 10. Tony McDonough reports

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Liverpool offers one of the cheapest nights out for students, a new study says


Liverpool offers its students one of the most affordable nights out in the UK, according to a new study.

International payment company Xendpay analysed the cities that are home to the Complete University Guide’s (CUG) top 40 universities. The analysis was based on prices for a pint of beer, a cocktail, a fast-food meal and a taxi fare.

It found that in Liverpool the average cost for a night out for a student was £30.42. Average cost for a pint of beer is £4.48 and for a cocktail £8. Average fast food combo meal is £5.94 while the average taxi ride home is £12.

Of the 40 locations, Liverpool was the 10th cheapest. The study found Dundee is the most affordable city for students, with an average cost of £25.35. A pint of beer is £3.08 and a cocktail is £7. A fast food meal will cost on average £5.27 and a taxi fare £10.

Liverpool was also beaten for value by places such Cardiff, Swansea and York. Not surprisingly, London was revealed to be the priciest city for students to enjoy a night out with an average total cost of £49.66, almost double that of a night out in Dundee.

London had the highest cost for every aspect of a night out apart from the cost of a fast-food meal. Cambridge is the most expensive city for a fast-food meal with an average cost of £7.

Student nights out
student nights out

A spokesperson for Xendpay said: “Freshers is right around the corner for new and returning university students. With the cost of a night out in London being almost double that of a night out in Dundee, students in the capital will need plenty of money-saving savvy to have a good night which doesn’t drain their bank account.”

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