Liverpool open for business with Open Messenger

Open Messenger, a Liverpool-bred idea and development launches today [22nd April] with high praise from Mayor Joe Anderson.

Open Messenger is a smart advertising platform that harnesses the visibility and mileage of Hackney taxis and is rolling out across Liverpool and into the fast-lane.

The platform allows advertisers to tailor their promotional messages to real-time conditions such as local weather, location and time, generating content that is truly relevant to the consumer.

There will be 50 cabs with the digital advertising platform by the end of the year with the aim for them to be as interactive and engaging as the imagination allows.

Michael Smith, Director of Open Messenger said:

“Open Messenger is a product that we’ve been working on for the past 2 years now – to finally get it up and running is fantastic for us and to have an endorsement from the Mayor a huge feat.

“We’re hugely ambitious in our plans for Open Messenger and we want to change the city; bringing something creative and innovative, outside of London.

“We’ve built this product from scratch in the North West and as we grow, we hope this will benefit the local economy and provide more taxi drivers with additional revenue streams.

“More widely, it’s a great promotional tool for local companies and it benefits consumers too, because they get to see relevant ads in real time.”

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson said:

“I’m delighted to welcome Open Messenger to our city. The digital and creative sector is vital to the economic development of Liverpool and the wider city region and I am glad to be amongst the first cities outside of London to use this pioneering advertising platform.

“This great innovation from Open Messenger will bring a much needed boost to local businesses as well as the Liverpool Black Hackneys.”

Councillor Christine Banks, Chair of Licensing was also pleased to see this project come to Liverpool:

“When Open Messenger came before Licensors, we were really impressed with the ambition of the young entrepreneurs behind the idea and the steps they had taken to developing this as a brand. Of course, it’s great to be the first city outside of London to introduce something like this too.

“It has the potential to be hugely beneficial for the taxi trade, drivers can earn £3,000 per year for carrying ads on their cabs – it’s a win-win situation for them and a win-win situation for the city. What’s really innovative about Open Messenger is it’s adaptability, as they move from one street to the other, the advertising on the cabs will change to suit the businesses and brands on those particular streets.

“Ads are effective and eye-catching and I’m sure will attract the attention of consumers in the city. We are very pleased that Open Messenger is being developed and delivered in Liverpool.”

The first Open Messenger  cabs will be on the roads in the city from today so keep an eye out for them!

Words by Rosie Kenyon

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