Liverpool PR agency wins book promotion deal

Liverpool PR agency Fierce PR wins deal to promote debut novel by US ‘anti-folk’ singer-songwriter Lach. Tony McDonough reports

Anna Grace Du Noyer
Anna Grace Du Noyer, founder of Liverpool-based Fierce PR. Picture by James Wafer / Bluewhistle


Liverpool-based Fierce PR has secured a deal with US singer-songwriter Lach to promote his debut novel.

Born in New York, Lach is credited as being the founder of the ‘anti-folk’ movement. This emerged to mock the perceived seriousness of the contemporary music scene. 

As well as being a singer-writer, Lach is also a stand-up comic and a poet. He has released six albums and a book of poetry. He presents a regular show on BBC Radio 4 called The Lach Chronicles.

His debut novel is called Langdimania which tells a tale of “not fitting in – but being oneself”. Founded by Anna Grace Du Noyer, Fierce PR will be promoting the book.

Anna said: “In a world saturated with artifice, our alliance with Lach is a testament to the power and influence of authenticity, non-conformity, and being oneself – even if that means not fitting in.

“At Fierce PR no one fits in but everyone belongs – and that kind of sums up our relationship with Lach, and our audiences.”

Lach, who counts Bob Dylan and Suzanne Vega among his celebrity fan base, added: “Working with Anna and Fierce PR is like finding a like-minded rebel in a sea of yes-men.

“This collaboration with Fierce PR isn’t just another business venture – it’s a cultural statement. It’s about daring to be different in a world that often rewards sameness.”


Singer-songwriter, poet and author Lach. Picture by Greg Macvean


In a separate project, Anna has launched what she has called a multi-faceted campaign aimed at “addressing social inequities through the lens of fashion”. 

This is part of the Style Swap Social initiative – previously covered by LBN – funded by a £29,000 grant from Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority.

It has a target to divert 45,000 tonnes of textiles from landfill over the course of a year through campaigns and community events – such as the free clothes swap that took place at Future Yard at the weekend.

Following a three-month project evaluation by Fierce Futures CIC – the organisation that manages Style Swap Social – the A/W campaign aims to address the underrepresentation of diverse consumers and engage new audiences.

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The A/W campaign will see a series of satirical, high-fashion print editorials landing in venues across the city in November.

The limited edition fashion magazine series will include titles such as Happily Bizarre, Don’t Tell Vogue, i-DGAF and Elle Yes.

Anna added: “Transformation doesn’t happen in an echo chamber. Our A/W campaign is edgy, rebellious, and – perhaps even a little bit cool. It’s about fashion, first and foremost. Self expression. But the bonus is – it’s free and doesn’t harm the earth or people.”

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