Liverpool psychology coach offers free programme

NLP practitioner and a qualified personal performance and executive business coach Liz Forshaw is offering a free online programme to help people through the COVID-19 lockdown

Liz Forshaw
Liverpool psychology coach Liz Forshaw


Liverpool psychology coach Liz Forshaw has created a free virtual four-week programme including live sessions and daily rituals in a bid to lift the spirits of Liverpool people.

Liz, who is is a qualified NLP practitioner and a qualified personal performance and executive business coach, having worked in life and business coaching for more than a decade.

She has developed and created an entire brand around emotional intelligence for children and adults. It includes self-awareness, brain training and psychology, helping people to understand their conscious and subconscious mind and build on their mental strength.

Having grown up living in multiple foster homes across the city, Liz spent her early years working on personal development.  During lockdown, she created her Best Self book collection consisting of motivating workbooks and mindfulness colouring books which are now being used all over the world.

Here online courses including the Rewire Your Brain course and are used to motivate people and teach them how limitless they really are through releasing their limiting beliefs as well as understanding themselves and others. She has also created a plethora of free resources.

When Liverpool was plunged into strict Tier 3 COVID-19 restrictions, she felt compelled to help once again. Understanding the power of brain training, and how different people feel when they’re positive, confident, resilient and encouraged, she set about creating a free virtual four-week programme to reach as many people as possible.

Focusing on mindfulness, fitness, meditation, yoga and nutrition, Liz has teamed up with some of the city’s best personal trainers, meditation teachers, yoga instructors and nutrition gurus to offer their expertise and advice on how to deal with this uncertain and unfamiliar climate.

She said: “I always take inspiration from my past experiences and if I can do it, so can anyone else. We just weren’t taught the life tools that are needed so I learned them, used them and now I share them. Everyone has felt stressed, anxious, worried, depressed or uncertain at some point during the pandemic and when the Tier 3 restrictions hit the city, I knew I needed to get back online and help people once again.

The 4 week programme will continue live each Monday to Friday until Friday, November 20, however all sessions are saved to Liz’s Instagram page, so it’s available to start at any time.

Follow @lizforshaw on Instagram to see the schedules which are released every Sunday for the following week.

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