Liverpool secondary school launches crowdfunding campaign to ‘revolutionise’ maths

St Francis Xavier’s College (SFX) in Liverpool has crowdfunded more than £1,500 to help revolutionise its maths learning.

Maths teacher Kenny Glover started the project on Rocket Fund, a fundraising platform for schools which empowers teachers to harness the latest technology in the classroom.

Over eighty donors, including ex-pupils, staff members, parents and governors supported the crowdfunding effort which will introduce ‘Hegarty Maths’ to all of the academy’s 1094 students aged 11-16.

The initial idea for Hegarty Maths was created by maths teacher Colin Hegarty in 2011 when he would make YouTube videos to support his own classes.

The updated Hegarty Maths online platform launched in 2016 and allows pupils and teachers access to lessons, assessments and tutorials both in and out the classroom.

It is used by 5,000 children a day in 200 different territories around the world.

The website provides ten minute tutorials for each topic in the syllabus as well as a robust set of question which they can complete. Pupils can leave feedback for their teachers to reply to, and then respond to online.

Kenny says the tool will benefit every student at SFX, as staff can see how long pupils spend on each task and how they answer questions. This can then be used in lessons to deal with any problem areas or misconceptions.

SFX is a non-selective school which has consistently promoted high standards both in and out of the classroom.

Maths teacher Kenny Glover says: “Like many schools now, we are constantly seeking avenues to source the best resources for our pupils who deserve nothing but the best. It’s been so rewarding to have ex-pupils, parents and staff members support our campaign and help us hit our target!

“Hegarty Maths promotes independent learning and enables pupils to regularly communicate with their teachers as well as providing an at home ‘personal tutor’.

“This pioneering online maths tool shows how technology can be used for good in the classroom. We can’t wait to roll it out across the whole school in September.”

Executive headteacher Les Rippon says: “The Maths department in St Francis Xavier’s College is constantly striving to make online learning and support a key component for the progress of pupils in the school.

“At a time when school budgets are under pressure, it’s reassuring to know we can rely on our school community to invest and support in new learning tools at SFX.”

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