Liverpool sees a summer rise in white collar salaries

One of the UK’s leading jobs site CV-Library says data from its own files shows a 6.3% rise in salaries in Liverpool in the second quarter of 2019. Tony McDonough reports

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White collar workers in Liverpool are seeing their salaries rise in 2019


Average pay for white collar workers in Liverpool is up by 6.3% this summer, according to job site CV-Library.

Using data from its own files, the company looked at average white collar pay rises across a number of UK cities in the second quarter of this year and found salaries were rising by 4.6% across the country as a whole.

In real terms, pay in Liverpool has jumped up from £31,474 per year in Q2 2018, to £33,486 per year in Q2 2019; meaning an extra £2,012 in the pockets of workers. The average salary in the UK currently sits at £34,741 per year.

Top 10 cities for Q2 pay rises were Portsmouth (9.5%), Edinburgh (9%), Newcastle (8.5%), London (8.3%), Leeds (7.9%), Nottingham (7.5%), Hull (7.3%), Liverpool (6.3%), Southampton (5.8%) and Leicester (5.7%).

Lee Biggins, founder and chief executive of CV-Library, said: “Money isn’t everything when it comes to job satisfaction, but if you’re keen to earn a higher wage then moving jobs could well be your best bet.

“This is because businesses are desperately trying to attract more people to their roles and have no choice but to push up their pay packets in order to do so.”

Alongside this, the data suggests that there’s more competition new white collar roles in Liverpool, as the city’s application rates jumped up by 3.1% in Q2 2019. At the same time, the volume of dropped by 4.6% year-on-year.

Mr Biggins added: “Our data suggests that professionals have been busy applying for more jobs and this could certainly be down to the jump in salaries.

“While this is great news for employers, if you’re one of the people that wants to find a new job, it just means that there’s potentially more competition from other candidates right now. So, consider what you can do to stand out from the crowd.”

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