Mersey coach Karen offers free ‘core values’ sessions

Based in Liverpool, Karen Deas is a qualified coach in NLP, transpersonal, performance and a mentor and she is offering female entrepreneurs free sessions to identify their ‘core values’

Karen Deas
Karen Deas, founder of The Change Agent KD


Liverpool business and life coach Karen Deas is offering female entrepreneurs the opportunity take part in free sessions were they identify their ‘core values’.

Karen is founder of The Change Agent KD and is a qualified coach in NLP, transpersonal, performance and a mentor. From Monday, October 19, to Friday, October 23, she will be running her five-day Core Values Challenge.

She has designed the online challenge it so that it shouldn’t take any more than one hour in total each day. Approximately 20 minutes is spent on the daily task and then around half hour in the evening, on the live stream where she will talk in more depth around the benefits of reassessing your core values as well as answering any questions.

“Doing the Core Values Challenge is like turning on our inner GPS, so we gain profound clarity in life, as well as direction and more understanding of our purpose”explained Karen.

“Our core values are the bedrock of our decision-making so once we are crystal clear on what they are, we become confident decision-makers and go about our life with more poise, ease and increased feelings of worthiness as we know ourselves much better.”

From the Monday through to the Friday all participants will go through a journey of rediscovering themselves and what’s important to them. This can be done through connecting to intuition or finding a quiet space where there are no influences whilst completing the tasks.

Towards the end of the week, once clear on the values, Karen guides you to look at areas of your life and where they are and aren’t aligned and what actions need to be taken. In the previous challenge there were 168 participants and she say the feedback on breakthroughs were “amazing”.

One participant, Sandra Sipaviciute the facilities manager at The Women’s Organisation in Liverpool, said: “I found it phenomenal. The personal findings were absolutely transformational and unexpected even, which made me reflect on it and realise a lot of things about how my core values clashed with certain areas of my life and why I did not feel satisfaction or joy due to this.”

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