Mersey entrepreneur Angela Preston’s new book looks to help children deal with loss

Written to help children come to terms with bereavement, the book is Angela’s third publication and tells the story of a colony of rabbits living at the bottom of Mount Mole Hill. Tony McDonough reports

Liverpool entrepreneur and author Angela Preston


Liverpool entrepreneur and author Angela Preston will see her third book – Ronnie the Rabbit’s Adventure – published in December.

Written to help children come to terms with bereavement, the book tells the story of a colony of rabbits living at the bottom of Mount Mole Hill in the earthly vale of Llangollen.

Told through the eyes of one of the rabbits and in a way younger children can easily understand, the tale also contains hidden messages designed to illustrate resilience, bravery, greed and forgiveness.

First in a series

Ronnie the Rabbit’s Adventure comes less than a year after Angela’s second book, The Keys to Success in Business was released, and is the first in a series of books designed to help children deal with issues arising in life.

Her first book, Opening Doors, was an account of her growing up in Liverpool in the 1970s and 80s

Angela is the founder and chief executive of AP Coaching and Mentoring Services which offers one-to-one coaching and mentoring to individuals. She also delivers talks and workshops to companies, and is now delivering talks on the new book in schools in Merseyside.

Weekend away

She said: “What I want to do through the book is help children understand even though their loved ones are no longer around it doesn’t mean their spirit is not guiding them and helping them through their toughest days.

“The idea came from a weekend away in Llangollen where I sat and watched a colony of rabbits playing in a field. Suddenly, out of nowhere, along came a fox and an eagle both trying to get a meal for the night by taking one of the rabbits.

Angela Preston’s third book, Ronnie the Rabbit’s Adventure


“However, there was one rabbit who was like a Meerkat standing on his hind legs and watching the every move of both the fox and the eagle. He then started gathering all the little ones together to a place of safety while creating a distraction.

“I had lost a lot of aunties and uncles when I was a child and remember how I didn’t understand how one day they were there and the next they were gone, I soon realised how this happens in all families when a loved one suddenly dies.”

Leadership role

Prior to becoming an author/speaker and coach, Angela worked in a leadership role in the finance industry for more than 20 years.

She also regularly shares her expertise on on radio shows, and last year was invited to share her story with viewers of C-Suite Network in New York as part of Best Seller TV and conducted a book launch for her first book in Times Square.

Angela will launch Ronnie the Rabbit’s Adventure at Write Blend in South Road, Crosby on Saturday, December 9, from 2pm to 4pm. Donations from the sales of the book will

be made to a children’s bereavement charity .

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