Mersey firm provides ‘COVID tunnel’ for Joshua fight

Based in St Helens, SpectrumX provided a new high capacity disinfection tunnel to help protect spectators from COVID-19 at the Anthony Joshua title fight

SpectrumX provided a high capacity disinfection tunnel for the title fight


A St Helens firm aiming to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection as crowds return to sporting and entertainment events, has its own reasons to celebrate Anthony Joshua’s successful defence of his World Heavyweight titles at Wembley this weekend. 

SpectrumX, which is based at the Haydock Green business park, manufactures sanitisation products including a new high capacity disinfection tunnel that was used for the first time at the title fight.

The three-laned pod has a flow rate of 5,400 people, and is designed to work in real life conditions, allowing attendees at major public events such as Saturday’s fight, or Premier League football, to enter and exit stadia with little or no delay.  

SpectriPOD tunnels work by taking the concept of sanitising or washing hands and extending it out over the entire body. The pods deliver an ultra-fine mist of anti-viral and anti-microbial sanitising solution, Spectricept, capable of neutralising germs on hair, skin and clothing.

The use of the tunnels at Saturday’s fight was just one part of a raft of safety measures, including temperature checks, coronavirus testing and the appropriate use of facemasks and social distancing designed to increase biosecurity at the event.

The company is hoping that the successful use of the SpectriPOD at Wembley will now encourage Government and UK regulatory agencies to promote the value of safe and effective sanitisation tunnels as an additional element means of reducing the risk of infection at public events and gatherings.

Damien Hancox, chief executive of SpectrumX Healthcare, said: “We are delighted that Matchroom were once again confident to use our technology at the event.  This demonstrates the organisers’ commitment to provide the safest possible environment, and moves us one step closer to increasing to full capacity the number of fans allowed back into live sporting events.”

SpectrumX recognise that their technology will not eliminate the risk of airborne infection, but they are confident, that along with other precautions and protocols similar t those in place at Wembley, it will massively reduce the risk of infection via touch or surfaces.

Mr Hancox added: “The Spectricept solution that we use is already authorised for use as a hand sanitiser and had been found by Johns Hopkins University in the US to be ‘an ideal solution for use in rapid walk-through sanitisation units.

“This is a safe and highly effective means of diminishing risk and following Saturday’s hugely effective event, we look forward to making the product available at more events and other situations where there are large movements or gatherings of people.”

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