Mersey firms needed for major green energy project

Renewable energy specialist Statkraft is embarking on a major project for National Grid in Liverpool and is appealing for local suppliers to come forward. Tony McDonough reports

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Statkraft is creating a ‘greener grid park’ at Lister Drive in Liverpool


Liverpool city region firms are being invited to apply to become suppliers to a major green energy project in the city.

Leading European renewable energy specialist Statkraft has secured a contact with National Grid to create a ‘greener grid park’ close to the electricity substation at Lister Drive in the Tuebrook district of Liverpool.

This will include two large rotating stabilisers designed to provide stable flows of energy through the grid network, helping to increase the amount of renewable energy transmitted on the system and prevent power blackouts.

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Statkraft is looking to start work on the project in early 2021 and is keen to use as many local sub-contactors and suppliers as possible. These will cover areas including construction equipment, electrical supplies, HSSE services, accommodation and catering, and labour.

Local businesses who think they may be a suitable supplier are encouraged to to complete the Lister Drive suppliers form by clicking here. This will be a valuable resource for the main contractor in the coming months as they establish on site.

Integrating renewable energy into the grid is a growing challenge, as the volume of renewable energy increases and as old power stations close. National Grid is looking for new ways of stabilising the grid without burning fossil fuels.

This is relevant locally as Fiddlers Ferry Power station in Warrington closed at the end of March 2020. In January, Statkraft won two contracts with National Grid to provide grid stability services without burning fossil fuels.

This site at Lister Drive has been developed to satisfy these contracts, which will enable greater and faster decarbonisation of our energy supplies and help meet the UK’s net zero carbon target. Guy Nicholson, head of grid Integration at Statkraft UK, said: “Our grid network needs to keep up with the rapid progress renewables has made in the UK.

“Sometimes National Grid, as the electricity system operator, has been forced to shut down wind farms and run gas power stations to keep the system stable. More projects like this one at Lister Drive will mean that will become a thing of the past.”

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