Mersey housing group funds laptops for kids

Livv Housing Group, which provides thousands of affordable homes across Liverpool city region, is to provide funding for laptops for kids in Knowsley during the COVID-19 lockdown. Tony McDonough reports

Amanda Newton
Amanda Newton, executive director of customer insight at Livv Housing Group


Merseyside affordable housing provider Livv Housing Group is offering £15,000 to pay for laptop computers for children in Knowsley.

Schoolchildren across the country have been encouraged to stay at home since the latest national COVID-19 lockdown was announced on the January 4. But many families do not have the technology available to allow their children to join in online lessons or complete homework.

Knowsley-based LIVV, which provides more than 14,000 homes across Liverpool city region and the North West, plus apprenticeships, training, health and local projects, is partnering with Knowsley Council to ensure that children aren’t left behind.

Executive director of customer insight at LIVV, Amanda Newton, said: “In Knowsley, where the infection rates are high, children are being asked to stay at home and join in with online learning.

“There are still many schools where not every child has access to a digital device and where families are unable to provide one for each child in their household. Sharing devices is not always possible due to overlapping timetables.

“We approached Knowsley Council to see if we could help. As part of the Knowsley Better Together partnership we are using our investment in people and communities to boost skills and encourage young people to aspire to achieving great things.  This starts with having access to a good and consistent education.

“From a wellbeing point of view, it’s also hugely important that children can have face to face interaction with teachers and with their friends through video calls and online lessons. Children who can’t get online are missing out on this and we want to help to bridge that gap.”

LIVV has supplied £15,000 to provide around 150 devices to schools across Knowsley where there is a need. The schools are distributing them to families who need them to enable young people to get online for the remainder of this lockdown.

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