Mersey social enterprise helps create 214 jobs

Merseyside procurement specialist Fusion21 helps create 214 jobs and 68 apprenticeships in the space of a year. Tony McDonough reports

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Fusion21 elped create 214 jobs and 68 apprenticeships in 2021/22


Social enterprise and procurement specialist Fusion21 helped create hundreds of jobs during the 2021/22 financial year.

Prescot-based Fusion21 works with housing, local authority, education, blue light and health sector organisations to help them with their procurement. It focuses on maximising social value in contracts.

Latest figures reveal that during the 12-month period, Fusion21 helped to create 214 jobs and 68 apprenticeships. The full data shows:

  • 876 people benefited from employment opportunities – including sustaining and creating new apprenticeships, for both full and part-time roles.
  • 214 jobs were created – (186 full-time and 28 part-time).
  • 554 jobs were sustained – (512 full-time and 42 part-time).
  • 68 apprenticeships were created in a total of 125 apprenticeships within two years.

They also show 176 people have received careers advice and mentoring support including careers talks, mock interviews, and workplace visits. 50 people benefited from work experience and support to enter further education.

These figures highlight an increased focus on supporting the futures of young people in addition to having a long-lasting impact in areas of employment and careers.

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To date, Fusion21 has created more than 9,600 employment outcomes and generated more than £136m in social impact.

Sarah Maguire, social value manager at Fusion21 said: “We’re committed to helping our members to deliver social value they can see through intelligent procurement. We take an outcome-driven approach to integrate social value into projects from conception to completion.

“Given the challenges faced in this current climate, including the COVID pandemic, these brilliant outcomes have exceeded our expectations.”

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