Mind coach Alison launches online self-help programme

Based in Wirral, founder of consultancy 2minds, Alison Blackler, published her first self-help book in 2020 and now launching a new new online self-help course. Tony McDonough reports

Alison Blackler
Mind coach and founder of 2minds Alison Blackler


Mind coach, author and regular LBN contributor, Alison Blackler, has a launched a new online self-help course which she believes could prove invaluable during the current pandemic.

Born and brought up in the North East of England and now based in Wirral, Alison worked for the NHS for almost 25 years, helping survivors of domestic violence and people suffering with depression, alcohol and substance abuse.

During her career she has trained as a counsellor and CBT therapist, a Master NLP Practitioner and a Clean Language Coach and, in 2010, she set up her own consultancy called 2minds. Over the past decade she has helped both individual clients as well as delivering training for large corporates including BMW and Sainsbury’s.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, she published her first book called A Path Travelled, in which she drew on both her work and her own real-life challenges. It utilises all of her accumulated know-how and wisdom and offers people a compelling  guide to “following your own path”.

Now, in what she says is a natural progression from the book, Alison is launching an online, instant access, easy-to-follow self-help programme to enable people to “embark on a journey of self-discovery”.

“At any point in time there are people who are stressed, worried, unhappy and struggling with relationships and work,” said Alison. “But right now, in the midst of a global pandemic and a new lockdown, for many people those problems will be compounded by worries about health and having to deal with periods of isolation.

“In my quarter of a century in the NHS, I dealt with every human problem you could imagine. At the same time I experienced ups and downs and huge challenges in my own life. I believe I can help people to fast-track changes to their thinking and behaviour and help them find happiness and fulfilment.”

We all face challenges and hurdles in life and Alison, who regularly writes self-help articles for LBN, says those challenges can often prove to be “hidden gems that can really help our personal development”.

She added: “In the new A Path Travelled course, I draw upon all my training and experience as a professional mind coach and describe how our minds work and why we behave in certain ways. I would say to people that now is the time to take steps to reach your potential.”

Click here to find out more about the A Path Travelled online course.

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