Modern British dining with a French twist at Verdant

Sophisticated fine dining is returning to Allerton Road with the affordable luxury of Verdant – including vodka that has been filtered through gold.

The entrepreneur behind South Liverpool’s latest restaurant, Phil Melia, is promising diners an explosion of colour and taste on their plates, served up to them in beautiful surroundings.

Verdant has already welcomed its first diners and is gearing up for its full launch on 1st November.

It has been a labour of love for South Liverpool man Phil, who has already established a track record in businesses in furniture manufacturing, interior design and property development.

Verdant is his first restaurant venture and he has been determined to get things as near to perfect as possible, working around 100 hours a week in the process.

He worked in his existing businesses during the day before heading to Allerton Road to continue working until midnight most days.

Major challenge

And Phil is delighted with what he has created, saying:

“I always had high aspirations for Verdant, but the result is probably a little bit more than even I imagined it to be. It hasn’t always been easy going, but we’re really pleased with where we’ve got to.

“There were a few obstacles we had to overcome. For instance, when we ripped the staircase out there was a ‘steel’ (steel frame) in place.

“So we had to reconstruct the whole building and put new steels in – which was not something we envisaged having to do.

“It was a bigger challenge than I first thought, maybe, but I am used to that in business – nothing is necessarily always as it seems. You always have to expect the unexpected.

“Everyone has pulled together. Right up until 6.30pm on the first night when we were due to open at 7pm, I was down on my hands and knees scraping paint off the floor.”

Colourful menu

Verdant will serve delicious English dishes with a French twist – such as ‘Cheshire Lamb’ – roasted rump, sous vide shoulder, lamb fat fondant and marrow jus.

Phil added:

“The menu is not extensive, but we’re confident there’s something for everyone and the produce is some of the best on the market. The menu will change regularly too, which we hope will give diners something to keep coming back for.

“All our ingredients are locally-sourced, something that’s very important to us, so our menu’s will be full of the flavour of each new season. Our chef brings a wealth of experience and is passionate and creative – our dessert dishes, for example, are real works of art.

“Verdant means green and luch and we want our menu to reflect that – full of vibrant colours and flavours using lots of fresh herbs bringing the garden to the plate – and the presentation of it is like nothing else you will have seen on Allerton Road.”

Gold-filtered vodka

Verdant will also be the only bar or restaurant in Liverpool to be serving AU Vodka, a premium brand found in Selfridges and exclusive bars and clubs in London and Manchester.

Phil has given the brand a full display at the back of the restaurant, and said:

“The vodka is filtered five times through gold.

“That sounds very luxurious but it serves a purpose. The gold removes carbon-based impurities to create a purer, smoother taste – it really is quite special.”

A sophisticated offering

Phil explained his philosophy for Verdant:

“We just want to bring something a bit different to Allerton Road.

“The area has long been a popular spot for diners in Liverpool, but it’s has its ups and downs. There’s a real sense of resurgence at the moment and new life being breathed back into the road with the addition of some great bars and restaurants. I simply want to be part of that and believe Verdant offers something special – very different to what is already here.

“We can cater for different audiences too – our bar area is ideal for small groups of friends looking for somewhere civilised where to enjoy a nice relaxing drink, or couples looking to share a more intimate evening over cocktails or champagne.

“In the restaurant, our a la carte menu will cater for more discerning diners looking for great quality meals without the journey into the city centre, and our lunch and early evening menu is ideal for families. It is fine dining for all.

“A lot of hard work has gone into Verdant. The interior looks impeccable and with a great team behind us, we’re looking forward to a successful future.”

Verdant launches officially to invited guests on Tuesday, 1st November; but doors are already open for lunch, dinner and drinks in their reserved bar area. To make a reservation email or call 0151 475 7039

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